14 Signs You're in the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening

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Entering into a spiritual awakening can be a very profound experience that can affect every aspect of your life.

When it occurs, you might begin to notice the world around you differently and feel like you've started a new journey that's much different than you imagined.

Being in a state of spiritual awakening means that you've become aware of your inner self and are now seeking a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and connection to something higher.

You may find that this comes on suddenly or gradually happens over time. Either way is perfectly ok and is the right divine timing for your life. 

For me personally, it's come on gradually over time. I'm talking about the span of years. Yet, it definitely has a compound effect because the deeper I get in my own spiritual awakening journey, the more things shift at an accelerated pace. 

I've also found that what helps me to really connect with my journey is time in stillness. 

Recently, I returned from a 4-day trip that spanned across 3 cities. My time was spent going to brunches, dinners and shows and I didn't allow any space for my mindfulness practices.

Honestly, that is ok with me because I trust I will come back to it when my routine returns to normal. 

Yet, when I returned, I was feeling anxious and couldn't exactly put my finger on why. So, I allowed myself the space for stillness, rest and reflection and over the course of the next day, I began to connect with my higher self again.

For example, I began to experience synchronicities, tingling and chills, intuitive hunches and even some strange encounters with the lighting in my house (which never happens!).

That's why it's so important to allow that space for connecting with higher energy throughout your day. 

With that, let's dive into the celestial symphony of signs that you're on the journey of a lifetime.

14 Signs You're In the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening

1. Angel Numbers Light Up Your Path

You're constantly seeing angel numbers. Number sequences like 555 or 1111 can show up everywhere you look - on your clock, license plates, or even the bill totals you receive.

2. Ascension Sickness Sets In

You're experiencing ascension sickness. Some people might feel flu-like symptoms, headaches, or dizziness as their energy body is adjusting to the new frequency.

3. Stranger In a Familiar Land

Earth starts to feel like a foreign planet, and you're homesick for a place you can't quite remember. The people who feel like home? You're drawn to them like magnets.

4. Cosmic Intuition and Downloads

You are experiencing intuitive hits and downloads. You might suddenly feel a strong urge to start a new project, talk to someone new, or let go of an old habit. You may also feel a sense of clarity as you begin to see things in a new way.

Intuitive hits and downloads guide you like a cosmic GPS.

5. Slumber Parties with Strange Sleep Patterns

You're having strange sleep patterns that involve vivid dreams, visions, premonitions, or other psychic experiences. You may feel like you are traveling to other dimensions during your sleep.

6. A Newfound Connection to Your Purpose or Mission

You feel a strong sense of calling toward a higher mission or purpose to bring our divine spiritual nature to others.

You might feel drawn to working with energy, healing, or consciousness, or you might be guided to help others in a unique way.

7. Enhanced Energetic Perception

You're suddenly aware of things that are beyond the physical 3D world.

You might see, hear or feel things that others can't, and have a strong sense of knowing that is hard to explain.

8. An Emotional Rollercoaster

You're a mood swing maestro, from euphoria to the depths of despair. It's like your heart is running a marathon, and your emotions are sprinting to keep up.

9. Shifts in Relationships

Friends, family, and lovers – the cosmic broom is sweeping through your connections. Some bonds strengthen, while others fade like stardust in the wind.

You are clearing old patterns, and breaking through blockages to feel lighter and attract better.

10. Tingling & Goosebumps

You're experiencing tingling sensations, goosebumps, or surges of energy in random parts of your body, or when listening to certain music.

It's like the universe is gently tapping your shoulder to remind you it's always there.

11. New Attraction to Tarot, Crystals, and Singing Bowls

Suddenly, your Amazon wish list reads like a witch's supply store. You find yourself drawn to singing bowls, tarot/oracle cards, and crystals.

12. Stronger Connection to Nature

You're experiencing a stronger connection to nature and finding yourself more in tune with the natural world around you.

You might feel a closer connection to animals, plants, and the elements, and find yourself drawn to natural settings.

13. Craving Solitude Like Never Before

You're craving more alone time and beginning to appreciate and feel more comfortable in your own company.

You're also distancing yourself more from negative or unhealthy relationships.

14. Third Eye Activity

The camera of your mind captures snapshots you didn't even take. Images, symbols, and visions dance in your third eye like a kaleidoscope of insights.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing a spiritual awakening can be both exciting and scary, as these signs are indicative of a life transforming experience.

It's important to trust your own intuition and not worry so much about what others think of you.

If you're feeling drawn toward spirituality, follow your heart and explore the different modalities and practices.

You'll never know where your spiritual awakening may lead you, but with a little openness, willingness to learn, and the desire to transform, you might find yourself on a path you never could have imagined.

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