Inspired Action vs. Regular Action: What's the Difference?

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Have you ever found yourself trying to force things to happen instead of allowing things to happen?

When I first created Her One Thing, the focus was all around personal development and goal setting. It was my mission to empower women to create their dream lives with the best goal setting methods out there.

While this was a great thing to focus on, I was missing a piece of the puzzle (like, a huge piece)!  

I was more focused on the hustle mentality than the mentality of creating your dream life from a state of flow. The end result of this often leads to burnout, which is not something I enjoy or want to promote. 

This is a common experience for many women who are interested in manifestation and spirituality. However, there is a difference between regular action and inspired action when it comes to achieving our goals and manifesting our dreams.

In this post, we'll get to the bottom of the differences between regular and inspired action & why it matters.  

What is Regular Action?

Regular Action is the action we take when we feel like we’re “supposed” to do something.

We create a to-do list, schedule our tasks, and check off the boxes as we complete them. This type of action is logical, systematic, and often leads to achievement. However, it can also be limited by our beliefs, fears, and expectations.

This type of action is also often associated with "hustle culture" and can lead to stress, health problems, and burnout. 

Regular Action is often motivated by external factors such as societal norms, pressure from others, fear of consequences, or the desire to meet specific goals that might not deeply resonate with your core values & passions. 

Characteristics of Regular Action:

  • ​Motivated by external factors and expectations.
  • ​May feel like a "should" or "have to" rather than a genuine desire.
  • ​Tends to be driven by external rewards or avoidance of punishment.
  • ​Might lead to feelings of emptiness, disconnection, or lack of fulfillment.

What is Inspired Action?

On the other hand, Inspired Action is the action we take when we’re guided by our intuition, inspiration, and inner guidance.

This type of action is more fluid, unexpected, and often leads to creativity and growth. It’s when we’re in flow and feel passionate about what we’re doing.

Inspired action also allows us to receive higher guidance and wisdom from the universe.

When taking inspired action, individuals feel a strong connection to what they are doing, and it feels like an expression of their authentic self.

Characteristics of Inspired Action:

  • ​Arises from inner motivation, passion, and intuition. 
  • ​Feels exciting, joyful, and fulfilling. 
  • ​Involves a deep sense of purpose and alignment with core values. 
  • ​Often leads to a flow state, where time seems to pass effortlessly. 
  • ​May not always follow conventional paths but leads to personal growth and authentic convention. 

Why Does This Matter?

So why does this matter for manifestation and spirituality?

When we rely solely on regular action, we limit our potential and block ourselves from receiving the blessings and opportunities that come from the Universe.

Inspired action allows us to align with our highest selves and the universe, which can bring us closer to our dreams than we could ever imagine.

The key to accessing inspired action is mindfulness and meditation.

By quieting our minds and tuning into our intuition, we can receive guidance from the universe that can lead us to our destiny.

This can look like a nudge to call a friend, a sudden inspiration to start a business, or a clear vision of our future. When we follow these nudges, we’re taking inspired action that aligns with our true purpose.

It’s important to note that regular action is still necessary for achieving our goals.

The difference lies in the energy behind the action.

Are we acting out of obligation or inspiration? Are we willing to let go of our attachments and trust the universe?

By combining regular action with inspired action, we can create a powerful manifestation practice that leads to true fulfillment and success.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the difference between regular action and inspired action is the energy behind the action. (It's always about the energy, isn't it?!)

Regular action is logical and systematic, while inspired action is intuitive and guided by the universe. 

Embracing inspired action allows us to tap into our inner wisdom, passions, and values, leading to a life infused with purpose, joy, and authenticity.

Oh, and let's not forget, creating the most amazing, badass version of your life possible in the most enjoyable way possible!

So, take inspired action today and allow the Universe to guide you towards the life you are destined to live. 

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